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Who can revoke somebody's bond?

A bond can be revoked in various ways. This can include when a person surrenders the person subject to the bond to the sheriff, which often happens because the accused has violated the terms and conditions of his or her bail. The court can also revoke the bail, leaving the accused subject to immediate arrest.

How it Works
Bond revoking can seem complicated, but in fact it is not as complex as it sounds. When a person is arrested and spends time in jail, the only temporary way to gain freedom is through the posting of bail. This bail must be posted by someone other than the accused. A bail bond contract must be signed to officialize the releasing until the set court date.

This freedom comes with specific conditions however. When a bail bond contract is signed there are a set of rules attached. These rule vary from bail bond to bail bond and can include prohibiting the accused from handling firearms, leaving the state, drinking, or visiting bars. If the accused does not comply with the set bail bond rule then the contracts is broken.

A prosecutor can make the decision of whether or not to revoke a bond. In the instance that a prosecutor decides not to motion to revoke a bond, he or she will inform the defendant that he or she may now petition the court to revoke the bond. This is based on the accused notarized statement of threats, harassment, intimidation, or physical violence against another.

Prosecutors often can assure their clients that a judge will not revoke a bond, which will lead to imprisonment, unless he or she has violated any of the set condition in his or her bond agreement.

Bail Bonding Agent
A bail bonding agent may also revoke a bond for nearly any reason at all. In this case of a bond being revoked, most of the time the accused is able to get back the agreed money. However only the court has the authority to order the bail bonding agent to return the premium, otherwise this part of the money is not refunded. A request to the court must be made for the refund of a premium.

The bondsman has the ability to surrender and arrest the accused at any time. Bail bond companies will only used this form of power if hard evidence is found that the accused will not appear at the court date. A cosigner may also change his or her mind, but this is not enough evidence to revoke the bond.

Contract Violation
The best way to ensure that a bond is not revoked is to abide by contact rules. This includes any illegal activities during the bail period. Adding more trouble to a current court date only makes the court decision worse. Leaving the country is always unadvisable. Bond officers are able to find out if a person leaves the country, thanks to modern technology. Some bondsman have their contractees wear GPS bracelets on their ankles.

When a contract is breached, the court has the right to revoke a bond. This leads to jail time and the elimination of another bond opportunity.

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I paid a bail bondsman $500 for a $5000 bond for my daughter and got her out 3 weeks ago. her first court hearing is October 28th. she is now threatening me and saying she is not going to show up for court and has gotten a speeding ticket the day she was bonded out and is running from place to place and is not staying at her home that she listed as her residence. can i call the bondsman and get her bond revoked so in the case she does not show up for court then i will not be responsible for the $5000 the bondsman put up

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Saturday, October 19, 2013

My son is on bail because he showed up to court 4 days later. The. He gets a call from bondman to go to court oct 11 for a hearing when gets there he is arrest for not appearing in court on may 30 but June when went is when he had to post bone for not showing up in may,the bondsman he is still using went to bail him out and they say he jumped bail becuz they claim the DA decide in July to issue a new charge on failure to appear is that normal

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Saturday, October 12, 2013

A brother of a friend was arrested on conspiracy with intent to sell meth. His bail was set at $125,000.00 cash only and they would not lower it either even after several attempts. He has been at the same job 30 years, has no past history of not showing up for court,and never convicted of a violent crime. after 2 weeks his father posted his bail with a cashiers check, that was 5 days ago, but he is still in jail. The county attorney denied pre-trial release but gave no reason. Is this legal? What should he do if his bail is not honored?

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

My friend signed a $500 PR bond to get some one out he moved from her house

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

My husband used a bond co to get out of jail. The bondman is terrorizing our family and will not surrender the bond. My husband has sat at the jail for 6 hr waiting for the bondman to surrender the bail, but won't show up. How do we get him to surrender the bond so he can stop harassing us?

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Sunday, September 8, 2013

over a year ago ive posted bond in full,went to court and everything the case is over with,

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

I posted bond for someone. They have been arrested again. do I loose my money?

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Saturday, August 17, 2013

how about this., a life time crack head arrested multible times. from minor to major offenses
attacking cop., and everything inbetween., bail amount., not know but it must be a lot., 7 charges presently active. I believe. heard from his mother and money stole from step dad., one of the charges., why was the charge at home dropped 2'000 dollars and the state of Delaware did not pick it up. usually they do I thought., darn lawyers or what so the bails posted and hes home until the trial. vary bad. this is a bad guy., I know bad guys ., im a x-state prisonguard. no body seems to know. 7-14-13

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Mike Dolan
Sunday, July 14, 2013

we put bond up for our son ans are having trouble with the ggirlfiend hawking his tools he is a mecanice and she sold all household stuff to try and get him out then she told us all sjshe needed for another bond on him was $1,500 sowe wired it she took it to hire a lawyer for hersself because she is charged with aiding and a betting same time he was arrested

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bettty ruckman
Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I was bonded out and making my payments like I was suppose to until they lost my number. I then was call about a job interview just to get there and see it was a trick, I was forced to pay 500 dollars in the spot to the so call bounty hunter or go to jail and since paying tht she also made my aunt write a check for 1600 which was my balance before I was forced to pay 500 and still was after. Since then I've paid thousand out of 1600 but still being threated by then all in the same month. Is this legal and can my aunt be arrested for the check although the recieved a thousand out of 1600?

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

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