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Orange County Bail Bonds

The Process
Many of bail bonding companies provide Internet sites for further information but nearly all will walk through the entire process with any client in an efficient manner.

Bail bond agents from the companies will contact the jail first and find the charges and bail amount of the accused. The company will then arrange a meeting with a cosigner for further completion of the bail bond paperwork that is need. This process will usually take about thirty minutes.

The bail agent will then post the bond at the specific jail. When this happens the accused is normally released within an hour in local jailing facilities and within six to ten hours in a county jail facility. The last task is for the bail agent to setup a meeting with the accused when released. In this meeting the completion of the paperwork will take place and the terms and conditions of the bail bond will be reviewed.

Bail Bond Amounts
Bail bond amounts vary and depend on the crime in question. This will also predict whether or not the accused will spend a night in jail, a few days, or more than a week. Some courthouses have set prices at default for differing felony crimes committed.

The purpose of a felony bail bond is not to be too high that it cannot be paid, but at times in very serious circumstances, like high felony cases, a bail will be set very high. Some of these felonies can include arson and murder.

1st Choice Bail Bonds
Orange County offers many different bail bond companies that are more than willing to help in sticky situations. Some jailing facilities use one specific company for bail bonding, while others do not. One company that provides bail bond assistance twenty-four hours of the day, seven days of the week is 1st Choice Bail Bonds.

1st Choice Bail Bonds is a bail bond company that resides in and serves Orange County and the areas surrounding. The services provided are available for Southern California and Orange County areas.

1st Choice Bail Bonds provides bail bonds for all situations, which include drunk driving, driving under the influence, domestic violence, drug possession, shop lifting, white collar crimes, petty theft, PC 1275 Motions, and assault and battery. This company provides services for nearly twenty different jailing facilities in the area.

Honest Abe's Bail Bonds
Another prominent bail bond provider in Orange County is Honest Abe's Bail Bonds. They serve cases discreetly and confidentially and will walk step by step with clients through the process. Honest Abe's Bail Bond supplies different options for a good bail bond fit. Their services provide night and day assistance in unmarked vehicles.

Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds
Greg Rynerson Bail Bonds has been providing bail bond serves to Los Angeles and Orange County since 1971. Their serves extend to all of California and not just Orange County and its surrounding areas.

Grey Rynerson Bail Bonds is located in a home office in Los Angeles County and specializes in serving San Diego, Orange County, and Southern California. They have bondsmen in both Northern and central California for local bail bonding from San Francisco and Bakersfield to San Jose and San Mateo.

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